• “Sala Seminari” (1° piano). Dip. Stat. Via Belle Arti 41.
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dal 24 GENNAIO 2017 al 01 MARZO 2017

“Sala Seminari” (1° piano). Dip. Stat. Via Belle Arti 41.
dalle 9:00 alle 13:30

This course is addressed to Phd students in Management and Phd students in Statistics. Its purpose is to introduce University of Bologna libraries and all the services they offer, including catalogues and digital collections (databases, e-books, e-journals…) plus elements of copyright and publishing issues.

The course materials (slides, tutorials...) are available on the e-learning course:

Students should log in with their institutional username (e.g. name.surname@unibo.it) to access. Please fill in the pre-course questionnaire before January 22nd. For help write to:

To view the full schedule, please dowload the attached file "allegati".